Forestry Department


  • Purchased first timberland tract of 16,000 acres in 1952
  • Currently own and manage over 117,000 acres of timberland in Washington and Idaho for forest products, wildlife habitat, clean water, and public recreation
  • Supply raw material to support local sawmills and associated wood products jobs
  • An active member of the Twin Lakes, Newman Lake, Spirit Lake, and Hauser Lake associations
  • Sponsor forestry education opportunities for local teachers
  • Promote integration of State Park system and private timberlands for public recreation
  • Extend Mt. Spokane winter recreation activities onto IEP’s private timberland
  • Donate seedlings and sponsor tree planting activities
  • Provide public outreach programs to educate community groups about forestry activities


  • First in the region to create a program which allows public access to private timberlands for recreation and outdoor activities
  • Charter and active member of several research groups dedicated to improving forest health
  • Conserve forest nutrients through harvest debris retention
  • Supply bio-energy facilities with residual harvest debris when feasible

Environmental Stewardship

  • Committed to sustainable forest management
  • Enhance biodiversity by planting a site appropriate mix of tree species
  • Plant on average over 500,000 tree seedlings each year
  • Planted 14 millionth tree in 2017
  • Exceed state standards for stream buffers, tree retention, reforestation, and road design
  • Watershed protection through careful road design, maintenance, and removal; stream rehabilitation; balanced harvests; and managed recreation use
  • Prescribed burns to safely reduce wildfire hazards