Exceptional Paper Products Since 1911

Inland Empire Paper Company upholds a proud tradition as a manufacturer of high quality newsprint and specialty paper products. We have continuously operated in Millwood, Washington since 1911– a fact attributed to our employees and their dedication to excellence. Today IEP supplies paper to over 160 customers throughout the western United States and produces over 500 tons of newsprint every day.

We continually strive to reach new goals in our mission to be good environmental stewards both in our process and in the forest. Through investments in state-of-the-art equipment, constant attention to our processes for efficiency, and excellent forest practices, IEP demonstrates the commitment to be excellent stewards of our shared environment.

A little bit more about IEP

Although Inland Empire Paper Company has undergone many alterations over the past century, we have maintained our focus on paper production. We focus on efficient utilization of many natural resources in our production process including shared resources such as air, water, and energy. Recycled materials such as wood chips and old newspapers are the basic components of our paper.

Approximately 10-60% of the materials used for paper are recycled from municipal paper waste. Some of that recycled paper comes from the Spokane region, but a good portion is purchased from recyclers around the western United States. To better serve our customers IEP developed Fiber Reclaim, a recycling and transportation division.