Papermakers Since 1911

Paper is both the livelihood and passion of Inland Empire Paper Company. We have continuously operated in Millwood, Washington since 1911. Today IEP supplies products for the communication and lightweight packaging industries throughout North America.

Introducing Empire Bag Stock

Empire bag stock is a new, price competitive alternative to an all Kraft bag. It is composed with a minimum of 30% recycled content and offers high quality printability.

Meet ARC Natural

All Recycled Content (ARC) Natural is a truly unique paper made from 100% post-consumer waste, with no added bleach or dyes.

Our Forestlands

IEP timberlands are managed for multiple uses, such as water, wildlife, wood, and recreation. Come visit our forest and see sustainable forestry at work!


Who We Are

SPOKANE, WA, USA January 15, 2021 (Press Release) – Inland Empire Paper Company (IEP), a leading USA family owned and operated manufacturer of customized lightweight paper, today officially announced two new paper grades.  EMPIRE bagstock and ARC (All-Recycled Content) Natural.

The first new paper grade, EMPIRE, is a lightweight bagstock specifically made for QSR converters and bag makers. Empire bagstock is made from a minimum 30% recycled content. This makes it a great option for converters seeking a durable, high print quality stock, containing recycled content at a competitive price.

The second new paper grade, ARC Natural, is made entirely from recycled content, and contains no added bleach or dyes.  ARC Natural is an environmentally friendly alternative to paper containing added bleach and dyes.  This product is a green solution for converters looking for a 100% recycled sheet for multiple applications.

About Inland Empire Paper Company (IEP)

IEP, founded in 1911, is a USA family owned fully integrated pulp and paper mill located in Millwood, Washington. IEP provides its customers with over 50 different lightweight paper options and operates a state of the art paper machine.  A “Circle of Sustainability” is practiced at IEP, which owns and manages over 120,000 forest land acres in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. In addition, IEP processes over 45,000 tons of recycled paper feedstock every year, and operates one of the newest and most advanced water treatment systems in the United States. IEP welcomes new and existing customers to its new EMPIRE bagstock and ARC Natural paper grades.

Inland Empire Paper Company (IEP) views wood fiber as a renewable and environmentally friendly raw material for our paper products. IEP uses virgin wood fiber in the form of wood chips as well as recycled wood fiber from old newspapers, magazines, and office papers. All fiber is sourced from independent suppliers on the open market.

We believe that healthy working forests participating in the forest products industry are able to provide immense value to the environment, society, and economy. IEP commits to be a responsible steward of forest resources. We adopt this policy in order to ensure that responsibility and sustainability serve as the foundation for our fiber procurement operations.

IEP is committed to the 14 principles of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® :

1. Sustainable Forestry

2. Forest Productivity and Health

3. Protection of Water Resources

4. Protection of Biological Diversity

5. Aesthetics and Recreation

6. Protection of Special Sites

7. Responsible Fiber Sourcing in North America

8. Legal Compliance

9. Research

10. Training and Education

11. Community Involvement and Social Responsibility

12. Transparency

13. Continual Improvement

14. Avoidance of Controversial Sources


Sustainable Forestry Initiative


Fiber Sourcing Standard

Best Management Practices

Idaho BMPs

Washington BMPs

Forest Practice Acts

Idaho FPA

Washington FPA

State SFI Implementation Committee

Idaho SIC

List of Certified Logging Contractors

Association of Logging Contractors List


Current SFI Annual Progress Report

Washington Biennium Forest Practices Compliance Monitoring Report

Idaho Forest Practices Year-End Report

Resources on Biodiversity

Inland Northwest Land Conservancy

Washington Forest Protection Agency

PNW Science Findings

U.S. Forest Service Research Notes


Our modern papermaking process utilizes residual wood chips from area sawmills and recycled old newspapers from community collections and other wastepaper suppliers to produce the highest quality groundwood paper available. Please contact us to discuss any and all paper grades.

The Forestry Department at IEP manages 117,000 acres of company-owned timberland in northeastern Washington and northern Idaho. IEP is a significant member of the outdoor community and is dedicated to the stewardship of these lands for everyone’s benefit. Forest lands are managed for sustainability, health, and long-term resource preservation.

The future and success of Inland Empire Paper Company is dependent upon the sustainability of environmental resources. We are devoted to the preservation and enhancement of these natural resources and to minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment.

Together, Inland Transportation Services and Fiber Reclaim are one of the Northwest’s premier transportation companies. Fiber Reclaim has proven to be a respected asset-based carrier through its versatility in transporting goods across the Western United States and Canada. Inland Transportation Services provides clients with reliable comprehensive logistics management program. As a duo, Fiber Reclaim and ITS work together as a complete logistics-service provider and strive to be the best in the transportation industry.


IEP invests great effort to incorporate recycling of resources into its manufacturing processes. Nearly all of the raw materials used to manufacture our products are composed of waste products generated by society and industry.

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