Papermakers Since 1911

Newsprint is both the livelihood and passion of Inland Empire Paper Company. We have continuously operated in Millwood, Washington since 1911. Today IEP supplies paper to customers throughout the western United States.

Who We Are

Our modern papermaking process utilizes residual wood chips from area sawmills and recycled old newspapers from community collections and other wastepaper suppliers to produce the highest quality groundwood paper available.

The Forestry Department at IEP manages 117,000 acres of company-owned timberland in northeastern Washington and northern Idaho. IEP is a significant member of the outdoor community and is dedicated to the stewardship of these lands for everyone’s benefit. Forest lands are managed for sustainability, health, and long-term resource preservation.

Fiber Reclaim, Inc. – Trucking, Transportation and Recycling Services

Fiber Reclaim’s mission is to provide truck load carrier services weighing up to 62,000 lbs. net for clients seeking to move non-hazmat goods to and from the Inland Northwest in a safe, punctual and professional manner.

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