What Goes into our Paper


The raw materials for papermaking come from two different material streams to Inland Empire Paper Company. IEP works with our recycling partners to provide a steady market for their collected paper materials. These partnerships help keep our communities clean and provide support to local businesses.


Wood fibers make up 70-90% of the mix. These fibers start as the byproduct of sawmills that cut logs into boards and other building materials. Inland Empire Paper Company purchases wood chips from sawmills in the western United States and Canada.


Collected consumer waste, along with water, accounts for the remaining percentage of our paper make-up. Paper fibers can be recycled 5-8 times, making it one of the most useable recyclable materials produced today. IEP purchases waste paper from communities and puts it through cleaning and screening processes to make it reusable, then mixes it with the longer fibers from wood chips in the papermaking process.