Recycled Newsprint Buyback Program

IEP operates a true, full circle sustainability model. Our two feedstock’s are residual woodchips from sawmill waste, and waste/recycled paper from pressrooms and recycle collection points. The byproduct of woodchips originate on our sustainably managed 120,000 acre tree farm and come to us via our sawmilling partners in the region. Our most attractive waste paper stream is the over-run and byproduct from our current pressroom customers. We can utilize paper fibers more than six times, achieving the full life usage of renewable paper products.

Let Us Design A Custom Wastepaper Recycling Program For You:

  • Waste paper collection and storage
  • Waste paper handling and baling
  • Logistic services for hauling waste paper
    • Support from our in-house trucking company, Fiber Reclaim
  • Large geographical coverage area

These various lines of support facilitate a full service relationship with our finished paper customers. If you believe our buyback program is a good fit for you, please contact Brian Owen at