The Best Paper is Produced by the Best People

The number one ingredient in our superior paper is the quality of our people. Using a unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and the most up-to-date technology, Inland Empire Paper Company employees work hard to produce the best product for our customers. The values of cooperation and a strong work ethic are demonstrated daily by everyone at IEP. The many second- and third-generation employees on our staff display our high regard for tradition and stability. New employees are mentored by experienced workers, preserving the knowledge gained through experience. Quality people and the most up-to-date technology is a winning combination and makes IEP a great place to work.

Please apply below at the “Current Job Openings” link. Send any questions regarding the openings to

Current Job Openings:  

Instrumentation Technician 

Journeyman Millwright

Paper Mill Production Worker

Production Supervisor – Shift Operations

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