Inland Empire Paper Co. - Recreational Use


Recreational Use

Inland Empire Paper Company owns more than 116,000 acres of timberland in northeastern Washington and northern Idaho. Private timberlands like these provide many of the wood products used by the public.

Part of the IEP Forest Management philosophy is to protect the natural resources we all enjoy in these timberland areas and to make these resources available for year-round public recreation and enjoyment. With an IEP Access Permit you and your family can enjoy:

Berry/Mushroom Picking

Firewood Gathering*


Horseback Riding


Mountain Bike Riding

Motorcycle/ATV Riding*

Snowshoeing/Cross Country Skiing

Snowmobile Riding*

Christmas Tree Cutting*
* See downloadable Guide for specific rules and restrictions.

For more information on IEP's Recreational Use Program, or to plan a Group activity, please contact us at (208) 623-2539 or toll free at 1(866) 437-7711.


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IEP Recreation Access Rules and Regulations Guide

PDF file  Adobe PDF IEP Recreational Guide

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Map of the IEP Recreational Use Area

PDF file  Adobe PDF IEP Recreational Guide

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IEP Public Access

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IEP timerlands are closed to all snowmobiles This closure is a direct result of continued damage to young trees from off-road snowmobiling.  IEP will continue to work with local and state organizations to find a long-term solution to the problem. For more information, click here.


IEP Access Permits are available at these locations:

Rathdrum, ID -
Hico Convenience/Gas Store (Exxon) – 15963 N. Hwy 41 Rathdrum, ID

Spirit  Lake, ID -
Miller's Food City
31964 N. 5th Avenue,
Spirit Lake, ID

Hauser Lake, ID -
Hauser Market & Smoke Shop 17305 W. Highway 53,
Hauser Lake, ID

Coeur d’Alene, ID -
Black Sheep Sporting Goods
3534 N. Government Way,
Coeur d'Alene, ID

Spokane, WA -
White’s Boots
4002 E. Ferry,
Spokane, WA
Near Spokane County Fair & Expo Center

Deer Park, WA -
Levi’s Mini Market
W. 109 4th Street,
Deer Park, WA

Northport, WA -
Morning Bear Coffee
320 Center Avenue, Suite A
Northport, WA

Liberty Lake, WA -
Liberty Lake City Hall
22710 E. Country Vista Blvd, Liberty Lake, WA